HL Sabines Queen (L) and her dam Little Ace Sabine Queen (R).  These beauties are Butler Texas Longhorns and part of our foundation herd.h
Texas Longhorns...Our Passion

      Welcome to Krazy K Longhorns. We are located in Hallettsville, Texas, the county seat of Lavaca County in South Central Texas. Hallettsville is located half way between Houston and San Antonio, just south of  Interstate 10.
      Our ranch has been in Theo’s family since 1904 and we are fortunate to own this very special place to raise our beautiful Texas Longhorns.
      Visitors to our ranch marvel at the diversity of horn shapes, color patterns and body sizes that our Longhorns possess. "There is something for everyone" when it comes to Longhorns...no two are alike and their personalities are as unique as their color patterns and horn shapes.
       Our program is focused on producing top quality seed stock to offer to other Longhorn breeders and enthusiasts. We are utilizing the proven genetics of two of the industry's consistent horn-producing bulls, Coach and VJ Tommie. Our herd sires Shakota Chex and Cadillac Chex are sons of these legendary bulls and we are extremely pleased with their progeny.
       At Krazy K Longhorns our goal is to achieve the greatest tip-to-tip and total horn measurements possible with our focus on breeding for twisty horns.  Twist in the horn is created only through genetics...no amount of special feed or minerals will produce the beautiful curves in a double and triple twist horn cow.  Other very important attributes such as good milking ability, strong maternal instincts, structural soundness and gentle disposition are equally high on our list for producing an all around terrific Texas Longhorn. 
       We hope you enjoy viewing our site and if you have any questions about any of our Longhorns, please give us a call.
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