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Photographs & Artwork on our Site
Photos, text, logos and artwork that appear on our site belong to us and are not to be 'copied' and used without our permission.  Occasionally, we do have a request to use one of our photos for reference Longhorns on other sites.  We honor these requests and only ask that the user include a link to our web site.  Please contact us if you want to use any photos before copying them from our site. NOTICE: Several of our photos have been copied without our permission and appear on other web sites...this is very rude.  To those individuals: if you don't have the courtesy to ask our permission, please refrain from stealing our photos. 

Most of our Longhorns are for sale. Some of our foundation stock are essential in our breeding program, so we must retain certain animals in order to reach our goals. If you are interested in an animal that is not listed in the “Sale Pen”, contact us for availability and pricing.

All sale and lease quotes are good for 30 days. We may change our prices at any time and without notice due to market prices or the breeding or calving status of a cow/heifer. We reserve the right to withdraw any animal from sale or lease availability, as long as there is not a contract pending on that animal.

Payment Methods
Full payment is required at the time of purchase, unless prior lay-away arrangements are made. Payment can be made by cash, cashier's check or personal check. Pickup or delivery of the animal cannot be completed until payment has cleared.
All checks should be made payable to: Gail Kocian

Possession of Animal
Upon completion of all purchase transactions, the Buyer will assume possession of the animal. The New Owner assumes sole risk and responsibility for the animal. Pickup or delivery of the animal will be required within 2 weeks. However, unforeseen circumstances may delay this process, so each situation will be handled on an individual basis. Should the buyer want to delay the pick-up of the animal, boarding fees will incur.

Boarding Fees
Boarding fees fluctuate depending on the price of feed and our pasture conditions. Please contact us for current boarding rates if you don't plan to pick up or have us deliver your purchase(s) within 2 weeks.

We are members of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA). Upon final payment of your purchase, the transfer application will be sent to the TLBAA. As responsible sellers, we pay for all registration and transfer paperwork.

Health of Our Cattle
Healthy cattle are easier to maintain, utilize their feed better, are more resistant to diseases and have fewer reproduction problems. Our cattle are vaccinated routinely for blackleg and lepto/vibrio, are wormed several times a year and are kept free of horn flies. Heifers receive their brucellosis vaccination…OCV (official calfhood vaccination)…before the age of 10 months.

All weaned calves are branded with our holding brand and a private herd number before leaving the ranch. Young calves sold at side with their dams are not branded.

VJ Pilar and bull calf
Little Magnolia Blossom

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