585 OT Texas Twister



    Service Sire:
  Shakota Chex


Twister's sire 585 Overwhelming Toro has been a Horn Showcase Champion in both the Tip-to-Tip and Total horn classes for several years running and his offspring bring top dollar. We are fortunate to own one of his daughters. Twister is a consistent breeder and she passes on her twisty horn genetics to her calves.  She is bred to Shakota Chex for a spring 2009 calf. FOR SALE...PLEASE CONTACT US FOR PRICING.  Update:  Twister gave us a beautiful heifer on 2-22-09 sired by Shakota Chex.  Her photo will be coming soon. SOLD...THANK YOU ANTHONY & CINDY.

Toro Negro
Cooper's Overwhelmer
Deigo's Hot Shot
Meskin Twist

3F Oro Negro

Miss Simpson



Holiday Sugar


Blackwood's Deigo

Moore's Maiden 48/6


1L Brindle Twist TM

MS Meskin TOR

Photo Not Available
Photo Not Available
Krazy K Cayenne (C)
Tex (Steer)
Unnamed Bull
Unnamed Bull
DOB: 1-09-04
Sire: 585Overwhelming Toro
DOB: 1-07-05
Sire: 585 Overwhelming Toro
DOB: 3-08-06
Sire: Shakota Chex
DOB: 3-13-07
Sire: Shakota Chex
Twister's Surprise KKL (C)
DOB: 3-04-08
Sire: Shakota Chex
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Twister's Surprise KKL