Abilene's Unlimited 543
DOB 4-20-1995

Abilene is one of those outstanding foundation cows that everyone should be lucky enough to own. 
She has produced one terrific calf after another and is one of the best mama cows we own.  Abilene stays in good condition no matter what time of year it is and always has a shiny black coat.  We plan to keep Abilene in our herd for many years so she can continue to produce spectacular calves for our program.  (Photo taken 6-06-07). 


Deigo's Unlimited
Sutherland #260
Blackwood's Deigo
Ranger's Maiden 03
Double Tuff Hindsight

Crown-C Don Deigo

Blackwood's Delight


Original Ranger

Fourth Place


Double Tuff Dan

Waylaid Wilma


Just Blue

Yellow Rose

Whizzbang KKL (B)
Butterfly Kisses KKL (C)
Olivia KKL (C)
Angelina KKL (C)
DOB 3-24-04
Sire: 585 Overwhelming Toro
DOB 7-09-05
Sire: Shakota Chex
DOB 5-24-06
Sire: Shakota Chex
DOB 3-28-07
Sire: Shakota Chex
Owned by Steve Gibson
Owned by 777 Ranch SOLD Owned by Scott Bumgardner
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  Unnamed Bull   Unnamed Bull   Abigail KKL      
  DOB 3-31-08
Sire: Shakota Chex
  DOB 2-23-09
Sire: Shakota Chex
  DOB 2-11-10
Sire: Shakota Chex
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Butterfly Kisses KKL Angelina KKL Abigail KKL