Jackie Lynn 2808
 - Straight Butler -

   Service Sire:
  Cadillac Chex
  This high-horned beauty comes to us from the well known "Jackie Lynn" line of Butler cattle in Michael McLeod's breeding program.  Her awesome coloring and high "waxy" horns really do make her stand out in our herd. She is an outstanding mama, gentle and easy to be around. Jackie Lynn 2808 is consigned to the Longhorn Round-Up Sale, October 30, 2010.  For more information about this sale go to www.longhornroundup.com
Ace's Conquitaprince
Jackie Lynn 1/313

Princess 2/7
Ten's Sam 604

Classic Beth L129


Red Rose


Milby 282

Miss Rosie


He's A Ten

Graves 216



Maribeth 108

Photo Not Available
Photo Not Available
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Photo Coming Soon
Krazy K Jack (S)
Unnamed (B)
Priscilla KKL
Unnamed Heifer
DOB 12-13-2006
Sire: Coach
DOB 11-12-2007
Sire: Cadillac Chex
DOB 10-19-08
Sire: Cadillac Chex
DOB 9-25-09
Sire: Cadillac Chex
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