Breeders of Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle  Straight Butler and Blended Genetics

Jackie Lynn 708
DOB 5-05-07
~ Straight Butler ~

We purchased this gorgeous heifer from Michael McLeod at the 2009 Butler Breeders Invitational Sale
and we are fortunate to own her in partnership with
James and Kim Turner of
5T Longhorns.

JL 708 is a Dynamite Mc46 daughter and a Mesquite Mc59 granddaughter.  Both herd sires
are proven producers of outstanding heavy-horned tip-to-tip progeny. This combination of
horn genetics is rarely seen in a Butler pedigree so we expect great calves from this beauty.

JL 708 is exposed to High Voltage Mc87 for her second calf.
(Photo taken on 11-28-09)









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Breeders of Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle - Straight Butler and Blended Genetics