Little Ace Sabine Queen
DOB 1-20-2000
 - Straight Butler -

Butler Texas Longhorns come in all colors, but Queen is by far one of the most beautiful Butler cows we own! 
Her coloring and conformation are exceptional and she carries the genetics of such well-known Butler bulls
as Ace's Sam, Conquistaroan, Ace's Mojo and Bold Ruler.
(Photo taken 10-18-09)

    Bold Ruler


                                                                  Ace's Sam     
    Duke Monarch FM 163
    Princess 2/7
    Red Rose
                                                  Lady Monarch 3/3               
    Duke Monarch FM 163
Lady Monarch 1/3
    Cream Peas Too
Photo Not Available
HL Sabines Moon
HL Lil Queen
Beauty Queen KKL
Queen's Joy KKL
DOB 5-10-04
Sire: Little Ace Blackcat Moon
DOB 10-09-05
Sire: Barbicon Chex
DOB 11-23-06
Sire: Barbicon Chex
DOB 11-07-07
Sire: Cadillac Chex
  Photo Not Available            
Gypsy Queen KKL   Unnamed Bull            
DOB 10-15-08
Sire: Cadillac Chex
  DOB 10-05-09
Sire: Cadillac Chex
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HL Sabines Moon Gypsy Queen KKL Beauty Queen KKL