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Straight Butler and Blended Genetics

Last update 9-18-08
For us, there is nothing more entertaining than to watch our baby Longhorns play. They never seem to run out of energy and are always curious about their surroundings. We love watching them romp through the pastures and running alongside their mamas. Our winters in South Texas are not severe, so we don’t find it necessary to pull up our bulls or plan for all of our cows to calve in spring. This way we can have little ones around to enjoy throughout the year.
Take A Peek at Our New Little Longhorns!

Lotsa IodineKKL - (H)
Straight Butler

DOB: 5-05-08

Sire: Cadillac Chex
Dam: MF Iodine Class


Lucky Lady KKL
- (H)

DOB: 4-06-08

Sire: Cadillac Chex
Dam: Lucky O BH 93

Gretchen KKL - (H)

DOB: 3-27-08

Sire: Shakota Chex
Dam: WH Limited Edition


Suzanna KKL - (H)

DOB: 3-20-08

Sire: Cadillac Chex
Dam: Black-Eyed Susan KKL

Damsel's Darling KKL - (H)

DOB: 3-11-08

Sire: Shakota Chex
Dam: D&M's 816

Twister's Surprise KKL - (H)

DOB: 3-04-08

Sire: Shakota Chex
Dam: 585 OT Texas Twister

Check back often to see the new babies!
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Lotsa Iodine KKL Suzanna KKL Damsel's Darling KKL Twisters Surprise KKL Gretchen KKL